Greetings from the Arold Family!

Feb 29, 2012 by

This is our family story and how God brought us all together.

Eddie Arold was born on March 9, 1977.  He was raised Catholic through his younger years, and through a series of events, he received Christ when he was 21 years old.  He began praying about whatBibleCollegeto go to and finally settled on Hyles-Anderson.  He graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Theology.

Sindy Arold was born on December 17, 1982.  She was raised in a Christian home and was saved at the age of 5.  She also decided to go toHyles-AndersonCollegeand she graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education.

Abigail Arold was born on November 26, 2007 inMonterrey,Mexico.  She almost didn’t make it into this world due to the fact that her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and she came out purple.  Thank the Lord she did not pass, and now she is as healthy as anyone else.  She just began homeschooling and loves the Lord.

Naomi Arold was born on July 29, 2010 inBangkok,Thailand.  She was born with a cyst on her lung, which the doctors thought was pneumonia.  About 6 months later, the cyst was gone, praise the Lord.

Eddie and Sindy met at Hyles-Anderson.  Due to the fact that they are from different countries, they used a computerized translator on their first date to communicate.  They were married one week after graduation due to the directive that they must wait to finishBibleCollegeto get married.  They have been married 6 years and enjoy a sweet relationship with their children.

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